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Listings are not visible in mapping tab
Listings are not visible in mapping tab

What if the listings are not shows in mapping tab

Written by Evan Davies
Updated over a week ago

If you have just connected an account and find that there are no listings to map or some listings are not available to map. It is usually 1 of a few simple things that can be fixed easily.

  1. Did you connect the right account?

Sometimes you might be logged into a different account than you wanted to connect, You can check your Host ID from the general settings

Look in setting for which Host ID is connected, you can see example in the image above

You can replace the ID in the link here with the ID you found in the connection, then you will see which host is connected. Check if it is the same as you need and it has the listings you want to connect on the page.

2. Right account but some Listings are missing?

Usually this is 1 of 2 things.

  1. Listing is disabled, unlisted, hidden or snoozed in Airbnb

  2. Listing is owned by another host and is shared to the one connected

For case No1 this is simple to fix, log into Airbnb and make sure all listings are enabled and not hidden or snoozed.

For case No2 it means this host is a "CoHost" and the listing is owned by another host. You should connect the owner of listings to be able to connect it to a channel manager.

How to find owner of a listing

So first you need to ask for the listing ID, then with that you can use in Airbnb website to find it.

Lets take this example:

You just change the ID highlighted in bold with the ID of the listing you want to find.

Then you scroll down to host section

You will see the host name and logo. Click on the logo to get the host page.

Here you will see which listings they own. Make sure you click on the owner host and not a "CoHost"

Cohosts can't connect a channel manager to a listing.

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