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How to connect and map HyperGuest

Written by Evan Davies
Updated over a week ago

Enable Channex in Hyperguest

Reach out to Hyperguest for them to enable the Channex interface.

They should reply with a success and provide you with your property ID. You will use this ID in Channex to connect your property

Create the HyperGuest Channel

Go to Channels page and create a new channel, choose Hyperguest and select your property.

Enter you hotel code and you should get a successful connection message when you click on "Test Connection"

Mapping HyperGuest

Mapping is similar with other channels, you map the room type together and then the rate plans.

Multi Occupancy Note

HyperGuest supports multi occupancy so if you have a 4 person room like the image above you can map a price for each occupancy.

If you have a price per person just map them all here

If you have only a price for the 4 persons then you can map only the 4 person or all of them (like above). Either way is fine.

Room/Rate Codes

In HyperGuest extranet you can use any code for your room and rates. I would suggest a readable code to simplify things.

Example: Double Room = DBL-Room

BAR Rate = BAR

It does not matter the codes you use since you will map using the mapping page.

Once you have mapped don't change your codes in HyperGuest. If you do you should remap in Channex.

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