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Create a Room

How to create a new room

Written by Evan Davies
Updated over a week ago

Go to the Rooms & Rates tab

Click on "Create" button

You will see a create room form

please make sure to fill as much details as possible

Properties - We auto fill this for you on the current property, make sure you are creating the room on the correct property

Title - This would be the name of the room/apartment/villa

Count of Rooms - If your a hotel or b&b you might have multiple amounts fo rooms, please enter how many in total you have. If you are vacation rental then typically you will have 1 unit.

Occupancy Settings: This area is to specify how many a room/apartment can sleep

Adult Spaces - Please enter how many beds here for adults, we assume that children can sleep in adult spaces.

Child Spaces - Please only enter here if you have beds suitable only for children. We assume children can sleep in adult beds as default.

Infant Spaces - This is for Infant specific beds like "Cots" etc.

Default Occupancy - How many persons would typically occupy this room

Room Type Content

We will keep content in the content tab for easy management, please set up everything and then fill the content last.

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