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Check Live Feed Errors
Check Live Feed Errors
Written by Evan Davies
Updated over a week ago

If you have errors on your live feed, like this example with Expedia

How to find out what the issue is

  1. Click on the error

2. Click on "Logs"

3. Click on the next object, in this case it is called "AvailRateUpdate" but in other channels it could be another name.

4. You will always want to look at the "Response" so click on that. This will let you see what the error is usually

5. Now you will need to find the human readable parts of the error. in this case it is here:

Now you can see that the price of 999 is too high and the max is set to 943.5

You can fix by changing price lower or asking Expedia to increase their threshhold.

Common Errors to look for

Most errors are due to these factors.

  • Mapping errors like room or rate does not exist or wrong occupancy

You should check the mapping of the channel, remap and remove any deleted rates if any. Then full sync

  • Price is too high or too low

You should check your prices

  • Hotel ID doesnt exist or access is denied errors

This means that the proeprty is not connected, open the channel to see if check connection is working.

  • Invalid Currency

You may have mapped the wrong currency or the channel has changed their currency. You may need to contact support for this fix if remapping doesnt help.

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